Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Celebrating Sahara ( Moments of Mine.)

I love to see the pretty ladies with a pugnacious look and Sahara poses that for me well enough.

And the next moment sweet and demure, just the face and figure to admire in a provocative pose.

The piercing eyes shriek out the seductive pose and that little skirt is my favourite out of all that she has worn in her cat-fights.

Back to the uncompromising pugnacious fighting terror that she is, the fists raised, ready to flatten her opponent.

Sahara can drive me daft when she poses wearing boxing gloves - a delightful determined expression and the rest you can drool over yourself. Certainly a diversion in boxing wear.

Has she been interrupted doing her hair and wants the door closing or is this a kind of ritualistic dance before she fights Natalie.

I rarely look for big muscles on a girl but this lady shows plenty enough to match her body-weight. The cool, threatening expression means her opponent is ' in for it.'

The  ' I can handle any opponent ' proudly confident  smile.

The wide-eyed innocent look belies a tough, shrewd little fighter.

The menacing look is backed up by a strong looking forearm and  that lean, mean, cute body showing slap marks. ( In between fights? ) The white-wear moulds the body perfectly.

A gorgeous photo to celebrate a delicious woman dressed in next to nothing and a topknot, who loves to get into a cat-fight.

I'm obviously biased speculating that this is a ' come hither ' look - can you blame me?

She's of dainty build but tough enough to take on whoever BFUK throws at her. The smallest giant at BFUK.

                                                                                       SHE'S UNIQUE

Not seen much these days but still in contact on Facebook and she hinted recently at reappearing in the ( near ) future. Sooner the better Sahara.

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