Saturday, 6 August 2016

Boxing Gallery - Layla - Solo


Layla brings glamour in shed-loads to BFUK and she wears boxing gloves just to pose but she is a willing cat-fighter with lots of fights in her considerable time at BFUK.

Not a hard-core fighter but she has certainly created a large fan-base notwithstanding. When her fists are raised to fight, I would never struggle with the incongruity of mixing beauty with violence: I embrace it totally, as a flight of fancy. 


She hasn't ever boxed to my knowledge ( certainly not at BFUK ) though she has engaged in some good slapping fights and her tendency is the defensive rather than the offensive.

An incredible asset for BFUK, just getting in the fight arena to cat-fight or to pose in boxing gloves, instead of just modelling that lovely face and figure seems outlandish. 

Layla certainly is a competitive fighter, her early fights against Sahara and Sofia were enjoyably earnest and sexy, her best fight imo., losing to Lacey who always makes her opponent get into a real struggle and Layla responded.

Quite a number of BFUK girls were never ever going to be hard-core fighters, in fact, over the years you could count these girls on one hand at BFUK, but Layla inspired me to watch her efforts including the occasional surprises to which she can rise, like her fight against Lacey.

I haven't yet imagined Layla in a boxing match ( usually my imagination discards non-topless boxers ) but if I ' wish for ' hard enough, this could maybe happen.

As for a bare-knuckle fight, of course, that will  never happen but the pose is exciting.

There are exceptions to the rule but imo., women do not fist fight automatically, they just look good when they pose, as if they actually do: way sufficient for me.

So I wouldn't want to see Layla damage her fists or her lovely face in a fist fight but boxing gloves protect the fists and a good defence might protect her face: at the end of the day she poses that idea for me and perhaps for you, to ponder.

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