Saturday, 6 August 2016

Snatch and Grabs Review - Carmen v Holly

Holly is much more widely known around the wrestling internet having performed for many companies, some of it nude and always sexy. 

I must admit five years ago I was surprised, nay stunned, to see the delicious Holly drop in at BFUK, though she did maintain the topless status for both her fights, going right to the top of my league and she gave an excellent account of herself.

I don't know if she's had tougher fights but she only stayed for two which may be a measure of how tough the fights are at BFUK. Or not. Only Holly can say. But she sure knows how to get to me when she poses.

Carmen, one of my favourites, not so widely travelled in internet fight circles, turned out to fight Holly, though I doubt they ever met to wrestle elsewhere, so this would be an interesting cat-fight, to say the least.

In the stare-down these two splendidly sexy women, fantastically topless, looking defiant and ready, but did Holly know for sure where BFUK were on the gradation scale of fighting women on the internet?

                                      Snatch and Grabs - Backs to the Wall.

The fight against the wall is furious, Carmen, not the toughest fighter at BFUK shows Holly how it's done.

Holly cottons on quick, can she slap Carmen aside to get the win? It's been done before.

I don't think Holly can see but the slap into Carmen's chest is a wicked response.

I would suggest Carmen said ' Two can play at that game Holly.'

Carmen exposes the chinks in Holly's armour and makes her pay severely.

Her back exposed and an already bruised Holly is pulled by the hair into Carmen's slapping range.

Whack! The pressure is on and Holly must escape. She is going for Carmen's leg.

Of course there is much more to this fight than the grabs shown. In the above pic you can see both ladies are using the knee and elbow determinedly as Carmen attempts a mount.

Holly bravely smiles and shows her battle wounds en-route to the finish line. Carmen seems nonplussed taking on liquid.

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