Thursday, 21 July 2016

Miscellaneous Asides 6 - Kellie's Teaser ( by me )

It took a long time from an early fight when she wowed us with this strip from the nurse's uniform in a cat-fight. 

No: not to topless.

Just blatant teasing. ( I'm shaking my head.)

We're still gasping for her to go ' all the way ' and she flaunts dangerously close. ( I shake my head again .)

She's doin it again ( I'm in torment ) but still no release.

Are you swaying them Kelly?

Naughty lady, you've got to be teasing....again.

In her oil match against Carmen she lost control of the flimsy costume and wow! 

Yes! Her right one was exposed but, too quickly, she recovered and flipped the flimsy back. Ach no!

You might think she's warning her opponent but I'm convinced she is censuring me for asking too much. 

  Another flimsy outfit and a brief sneak-peek again. 

It looks as if the only way to have Kelly outed is to supply extremely flimsy costumes which BFUK makes and a hard cat-fight where she forgets to flick back the covering.

That look, love it ....but it makes me shiver. It's never going to happen, is it?............ Lovely Kelly......please.

Gulp! - ain't she just gorgeous - at last, we're there.


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