Saturday, 16 July 2016

The New Girl - Sam


A dark-haired beauty whose face doesn't yet match the bunched fists, perhaps after a few cat-fights the fierce look could happen.

Coyly coiling her fingers, ready to fight.

And again but this time with a sassy look, she's healthy all round, her luxuriant hair could inspire serious tugging from her opponents in future fights.

Sam has certainly got the wherewithal for any type of cat-fight, standing or ground, seeing her once is enough for tongue hanging. I hope she appears again.

While she didn't reach the winning post ahead of Amy she certainly had a hand action that gave as good as she got. Lots of slapping exchanges mixed with hair tugs in a healthy bed-sheet rumble.

Sam definitely can create a large following of fans at BFUK, if she wants to - she doesn't have to do any more than she's already done in the prelude to her cat-fight.

Just look at her pic and all the qualifications are in sight, rolling out more cat-fights would increase her fame at BFUK and perhaps elsewhere. We'll just have to wait and see, meantime enjoy what we've got - an E size that could well match Emma from BFUK's distant past. 

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