Friday, 15 July 2016

Boxing Gallery - Solo - Lottie

Entering from Facebook, talking the talk and taking on the fans sensibly and with great patience ( no doubt suffering the trudge of the troll ) Lottie wants to cat-fight at BFUK.

She's chunky-lovely and obviously looks for challenges in life. She wants to cat-fight another woman. That's challenging because to fight at BFUK means it could well be a tough fight.

Quite happy to model boxing gloves and to wear sexy lingerie before her cat-fight against, not as we thought, Layla, but unfortunately for Lottie, Amy. A satisfactory smile on her face as she tests the fit of the glove.

While she is busy strapping on the other glove with her teeth the sexy lingerie eagerly opens to reveal a beautiful breast and I'm thinking, if she's fighting Amy, more of that lovely, chunky body could yet be displayed.

The first actual pose is carried off with skill and poise. The long, lovely dark hair, which may or may not be a target in the fight.

You can see the showgirl in her, she was born to model her face and figure not to mention the boxing gloves.

Alluringly confident, demurely featuring her lovely eyes with the boxing glove: just what we need at BFUK.

She's only 5 feet tall and her extra weight may well help her in the fight against the much taller Amy.

Daring and brave in what she has taken upon herself, exposing her character honestly to Facebook; to also show off her assets which she brings to the fight against Amy: all this makes her a special lady in my book and hell yeah sexy. 

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