Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Notable Fights 3 - Carmen v Malicious

                        A beautiful day outdoors for Carmen to fight Malicious.

Carmen is a worker and a real trier, her assets are plain to see, all 5' 7" of her. She comes across quiet and reserved, even a touch shy but if she has a beef she'll make it known, one way or another. 

To my thinking she won't overstep her boundaries: not that she couldn't, I don't think Carmen wanted to overdo the violence aspect so as not to hurt anyone more than needed, even when she was being thrashed and that did happen, more than once.

Her opponent was a one-time fighter calling herself Malicious. It's the antics of Malicious at the end of the cat-fight that makes this a notable fight for me.

The fight took place in the height of summer, outdoors, with insects buzzing under a hot sun, on blankets in a ripening field.

On entering the rural landscape, I don't know about you but my brain slows down compared to city life and Malicious went along with that, while Carmen ignored the background and handed out punishment to Malicious at her usual BFUK speed ( which is not particularly fast ). 

I think Malicious may have been intimidated so she went to ground early and more or less stayed there but she upped her game and responded for two-thirds of the fight as they thrashed about the blanket with hard-hitting slaps. Carmen's hair-pulling was superior so she had the most control as the fight developed.

Carmen's top, fortunately, had no solid foundation and her breasts popped out for some of the limelight. Loud applause!

                                                                      A good moment for Malicious

Malicious was a bit behind on points going into the last third of the fight when she just could not get Carmen off her, so she'd virtually given up the ghost, without submitting.

I will admit most of the pics hit the word ' sexy ' they were definitely ' dressed to kill.'

No doubt about it, Carmen had comfortably seen off the challenge of Malicious.

The ending proved problematic; Malicious claimed the fight was a fix, she didn't think she'd lost because she hadn't submitted! 

Astonishment from all present, bar Malicious, who was convinced her point was proved and yes, she was correct: though accusing Carmen of buying the win was a bit much.

However, speaking of points, I could finger-wag here, I've always maintained the winner should be points-based, but this was completely comical, there was no doubt Carmen had won the fight with nothing coming from Malicious at the end. 

So was her claim justified? Or just pointless! In any event a rematch was agreed but did not happen.

This confusion cropped up again in another fight, more importantly, where a trophy was the prize and a championship at stake. 

I guess the win is only important to the most committed cat-fighters and to a certain section of the fans and for long enough BFUK have rarely declared a winner, allowing the result on a verbal submission, not always audible, in fact, on one occasion, mistaking the winner.

                                                                         Carmen is a proven winner.

Without a submission, holding up the arm of the winner at the end of three rounds would be conclusive. Any objections could be closed by offering a rematch. Everybody wins. Simples!


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