Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Latest Arrivals and Ongoing Updates

Nothing really changes over the years at BFUK other than the ups and downs of the management, moving from BFUK's forum to FB and the fighters arrivals and departures, the graph is still recording and lately, a slight rise in arrivals.

So here are the latest brave, gorgeous ladies- 

                                                                       SASSY SIENNA 

This one, after a false start through no fault of her own, is going to be the apple of many a fan's eye and she is a game one. Barely over a 100 lbs and at 5' 3" is set to create a storm. She's arrived at the time when Sahara had gone off the radar and I think this young lady is prepared to entertain and strut her stuff, after all she was ready to fight Sahara at one point but Sahara failed to appear.Gasp!!

No way I'm going to say Sahara is scared of Sienna but Sahara has taken a time-out from BFUK and if Sienna gets into a few fights and learns the ropes, when Sahara decides to return, who knows?

I'm told Lacey is going to be in the mix again ( believe it when I see it ), that would be special but not so good for Sienna and the rest, Lacey should dominate until Sahara's return and then...fireworks.

                                                                          FOXY ROXY

A fullsome, pretty woman who exudes a tough, uncompromising outlook enabled by producing a vid of her thoughts on her fight against Sassy Sienna en-route to the fight location. Looking good.

The fight itself was a a loss for Sassy Sienna but taking into account that she was lighter than Foxy Roxy she made a decent effort to retaliate, at times taking the initiative but Foxy Roxy was uncompromising in the end. A bruised and beaten Sassy Sienna was still upbeat and looking to fight again.

Update - Sienna has injured her hand, not known how, but she is out of action at the moment though she vows to return, once healed.

                                                              DRUCILLA IS BACK

A returnee, Drucilla Tate steams in to the fight arena looking to make herself the queen; the challenge was made and Foxy Roxy, with utter confidence exchanges FB retaliatory comments with Drucilla, neither giving way and the fight is due to take place, if it hasn't happened already

The Drucilla now, is a shadow of the untatted girly Dru of several years ago when she lost fights to the tough Faith and hardy Justice. But she was a willing fighter and more -

She could box with style, showing her talents off against Justice who was just that bit more aggressive. Welcome back Dru I hope you won't become a departure too soon and as for being the queen, I won't be in any doubt, unless Foxy Roxy can take you, like she says.

Update - after all her fighting talk Foxy Roxy was a no-show against Drucilla, so Dru became self-proclamed queen without a fight although it transpires Roxy was replaced by another new girl on fight day. 

                                                                      BELLA ( WOWEEE!)


An advanced taster pic of the stalemate between Dru and Bella, we'll soon find out who will be queen of the day. Drucilla has the size advantage but Bella , who looks exceedingly tasty, has a dangerous look about her.


Last but not least is Katy. Why is she not least? This woman has got my interest totally, she turned out to fight the one and only Amy who has been holding top spot at BFUK since Sahara found the departure door.

A surprise fight when a newbie, starting in slightly embarrassed fashion with the occasional laugh when Amy slapped her way into her disfavour and the fight took off. 

Amy wanted to pull Katy into a ground fight but Katy was having none of it, she liked to be on her feet for a fight ( love that ): tough slapping action and Amy ended up with a surprised expression at the conclusion.

I hope Katy isn't looking for an exit too soon, after taking Amy's heavy slaps for three rounds, she is going to be a tough girl to beat. I reckon. 

Update - Katy is off the radar but I'm sure BFUK has her number. If enough fans on facebook want her to return she may well respond to popular demand and a call from BFUK.

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