Thursday, 6 October 2016

Snatch and Grabs Review - Danni v Kellie

Predator and Prey.

Against the wall in the stand-up fight, the grab pics show that Danni holds her own and better against Kellie while the better photos are of Danni decked and in despair.  

Kellie frequently badgers for openings to take the fight to the floor while Danni responds and resists whenever she can, the upright fight more to her taste, in my view.

But the more experienced Kellie puts up with Danni's slaps in order  to get Danni off the wall and on to the floor.

When Kellie gets her on the floor Danni is out of her comfort zone and in distress, the round breaks are all that gets the fight back onto feet. Danni fans may not want to view her like this though the proper photo shots are very telling.

Danni can frustrate Kellie in the stand-up where she dispenses and exchanges sharp slaps.

Slapping solidly she keeps a strong grip on Kellie's hair getting the best of the upright fight.

But Kellie ruthlessly worries Danni to get her down where she is not comfortable, though she does photograph well in the undignified position.

Kellie's back is frequently a target for Danni's hands in their ' backs to the wall ' struggle which is why Kellie wants to get Danni on the floor.

A nice view of feminine charms as they hang on to the hair.

A downed Danni is an unhappy Danni as Kellie stays on her feet to worry her into a submission.

A more even fight standing up, in fact Danni is the busier fighter as she lays in more slaps than Kellie.

I do like the hairhold, tug and slap in the stand-up and Danni is not the first to handle herself well in this but the ground fight is her Achilles heel against the hardened fighters.

So, although Kellie has the predatorial role in this scrap and Danni is the prey, Danni's made the most of the stand-up, wreaking revenge for her final submission, leaving Kellie's body reddened.

Again, Danni photographs so well under pressure while a jubilant Kellie goes in....for the kill.

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