Tuesday, 25 October 2016

BFUK Updates

October 2016

Yet another new lady announced by BFUK though yet to fight is Cherry.

Having received news from BFUK on FB that October 2017 is to be a good fight month with five - yes 5 - girls looking to be involved in scraps.

Sahara and Lacey returning to the fold with Bella and Sienna looking for their second BFuk fight. Sam, it appears, also looking to make another appearance.

Speculation - Sahara v Lacey

Update - Fights cancelled October month due to matters outwith BFUK's control.

                                  Sassy's riding high pointing a winning finger but did it end that way.                                         

Perhaps compensating for the disappointment but the rematch between Sassy Sienna and the previous winner Foxy Roxy is now available though it's described as a fight in baby oil and that is a sexy fight format.

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