Sunday, 23 October 2016

Becca Transforms

How many women hit your eyes for the first time and you gasp and utter the words ' I fancy her.'

It would be easy to say that about Becca, an innocent look on a pretty face, a sexy body and great legs and yet unprovocative, without guile.

Like others, her outfits became sexier the more she entered the fight arena so I could see a transformation occurring subtly over time yet with no notion as to the terminus. Just when a girl reaches your loyalty she could up and leave. Bummer! And that happened......... a lot.

Yet Becca looks for fights where it's extremely unlikely she can win. 

Alluringly sexy, yes: but she uses her outfit to emphasise her looks and figure with still no sign of a temptress.

Boom! Suddenly, the transformation; just before she defends her crown against Axa: sexy posing aimed at the camera and the fans.

She has cottoned on and become a new Becca, the seductive pose a new ' hot ' weapon in her armoury to tittilate her fans before her fights. Huge!

This pose is excepional and underlines her transition from a sweet, sexy fighter to a woman now taking an erotic route to stimulate the fans, her thumb on a different route from her fighting fist.

Did Becca want to compete with Axa in other ways than fighting her? My mind does wander; though Axa never visually flaunted the erotic at BFUK, suddenly Becca did, perhaps for one-upmanship before their fight.

If so, the mind-game failed, Axa kept her thoughts on the fight.

The thumb again makes the hyper-jump from sexy to erotic in one minor movement but has the journey ended - have we reached the terminus?

Not quite but she did not need to pose provocatively again, she went the whole hog in her fight against Danni, almost, I felt, a daring gesture when she took off her shirt in her last ever fight at BFUK and fought the final round bare-breasted.

I was stunned; creeping from fresh innocence to the erotic pose: culminating in topless for her last fight against Danni. 

Her final message to the fans, I guess, because this was to be her last fight at BFUK. 

What a marvellous parting gift and what a naturally sexy, lovely tempting lady.

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