Friday, 14 October 2016

Miscellaneous Asides 7

A very sexy freeze for Hannah. Her opponent Axa had tatted a red waistcoat on her with her hands, not to mention the butt and thighs. All in all a sexy fight which left them both exhausted.

Emma's pugnacity shows in her face, leaving Candy floored but Candy ended up giving as good as she got to make it a worthy, notable battle. They also slugged it out boxing topless.

Ex-champion Ruby's farewell fight getting the submission from the gorgeous Jamielee ( left ). A tough battle but hot Ruby was adamant, leaving Jamielee looking stranded.

The moment BFUK thought Vixen ( left ) had won the fight and so did I. She had gained ( imo ) a solid lead in the stand-up fight against Mandy but Vixen was the one who had submitted. Shock! 

Not really! Because Mandy had put up a helluva fight and the win might have brought her and Vixen back for a rematch but it seems not ( yet ).

Mature, sexily dressed fighter Sorell is floored and beaten by Ceecee in her fight. She fought only twice for BFUK, more's the pity.

A delightful smile from the seductively arrayed Axa though she  suffered again at the hands of Natalie in their second battle but what a fight.

Maybe Carmen thought ' Oiling the hair? Sure - think I'm going to allow Sahara to pull me about by the hair without slippage.'


Her opponent Scorpio was much bigger and wanted the win but Pussycat's attitude was not going to let that happen. WHEN SHE  PERHAPS POINTED HER FINGER AT SCORPIO BEFORE THE FIGHT - AFTER I WATCHED THE FIGHT- I WAS IN NO DOUBT SHE WASN'T JUST ACTING TOUGH, SHE MEANT TOUGH: a war of attrition.

Pussycat simply wore down the stronger, bigger Scorpio but she took a lot of punishment in doing so. What a giant fight but they never returned.

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