Thursday, 3 November 2016

Boxing Gallery - Kellie - Solo

Wholesome Kellie's history at BFUK hinges on her rivalry with her nemesis Becca for those with a memory going that far back, so Becca springs to mind when I think of Kellie, in the belief that there was a true ( ahem ) rivalry.

The word rivalry no matter how it's arrived at, can increase the tension in a cat-fight.

The girl next door Kellie?

If I was told Kellie is the epitome of ' the girl next door ' and had a lovely temperament, was respectful and courteous, unassuming and pleasantly sociable as well as being genuine and helpful, I would firmly endorse that view simply from how she posted on the old forum and as to her cat-fight character. Not much to go on but that's my impression.

She was never going to set the heather on fire with her fight style imo because her personality wasn't in accord with the words ' dangerous ' or ' mean ' and she was never pushy or a bully but she did obstinately want her own way and fought to achieve that.

And fight she did, many times, in her own persistant way. Always busy, full of determination and focused, searching for the take-down, moreso against newbies and rookies, but she did have respect for all her opponents because that was her character.

Fists up is just not Kellie but the imagination boggles that a sweet lass like Kellie could be a fist-fighter. In truth I think Kellie might swing her handbag first instead of a punch if she got into a street fight ( I could be way off beam here ), just my impression.

When Kellie fought Becca twice the setting and cat-fights were of a more intimate nature, at least, that's how I saw their clash as they fought in their sexy attire. 

This could be due to my lesbian leaning but surely I could be forgiven the word 'intimate' when two pretty semi-naked women start hair-tugging and slapping, trying to gain the ' mount, ' without hurting each other too badly in the process.

I have no idea how Kellie would take to boxing but in that fight discipline Kellie was a poser, therefore she was merely food for my thoughts and yet the thoughts excited me, so I just had to include her in my ' imaginary ' boxing fights.

Portrayed in a fictional boxing match against Becca where I claimed they had a rivalry, simply because they had a cat-fight rematch. It's all in the mind.

In fact the poser pic opposite, dressed as she is with high heels does have a ring to it. Ding ding!

In context with her character, boxing in high heels would be a winner for me and I'd prefer her to box like that but giving topless a consideration. 

Wild! Her and Becca boxing topless in high heels would be an instant buy for me and they might be determined to prove something to each other, given their previous struggles.


In a fist fight against Becca to-day I'd have to give the fight to Kellie because, as Kellie matured as a cat-fighter she gained more experience than Becca who retired from BFUK well before Kellie did.

Kellie earned lots of fans at BFUK though she wrestled elsewhere and I believe, displayed her talents pole-dancing.  

Like Becca, Kellie eventually exposed her bosums to the fans in three of her last fights. Thank you Kellie - they were delightful.

Though she didn't win a trophy and in spite of her nice approach, this lady was one of BFUK's finest without being a proper bitch.

My last thought having excited myself over Kellie and Becca appearing topless again, is to imagine them cat-fighting and boxing that way. My last wail to Kellie, she never appeared topless in the boxing gloves.....that I know of.

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