Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Let it Shine!

Baby Oil.

Applying baby oil ( or anything that provides a similar result  ) to the skin of two adult women about to cat-fight or box the resulting effect is all-in erotic for me, more-so if they are topless. 

                                                                             Chrystalou applies the  oil.

I know some do not see the value, it may supposedly represent sweating or more politely, perspiration, but for me its an imaginative touch where women fight so hard they are sweating-up and nearly exhausted whether in a realistic or a pretence fight. 

Depending on the fight style I do see two women stripped to topless and gleaming at some stage in the fight as the way forward.

                                                                     I think she likes it

However, the severity of the fight often pales in the glow of the skin. This erotic touch with a real fight in progress such as women  in Muay Thai wearing their standard ( more attractive to me compared to other fight disciplines  ) outfits, the correct lighting and, of course, the skin glinting with liniment, the fight may be awesome or not but most certainly coated with an erotic veneer of shine which I like either way.

Sexualizing women ( crass of me eh! ) in these situations, where others cannot, escapes me entirely.

                                                           Carmen enjoying as Kelly takes her to task.

Normally, oiled-up topless or naked would rarely end up as a serious cat-fight, perhaps wrestling being the exception and certainly not boxing ( with the odd exception ) or the like, unless it's a spoof, which can have it's attractions but I do wish producers could see less comedy and attempt a more serious pretence within a storyline even when the shine is added. ( Did I repeat myself......again? )

                                          Simone ( left ) and Ruby fight it out.( Yep! The pic is touched up a little to emphasise the highlights )

BFUK started off with tough boss Simone and the aggressive Ruby plunging into a pudding fight ( custard not my preference unless I'm eating it but the shine is there ) and they were not topless ( boo ) but because I was tuned in to BFUK, I bought it. 

Actually the custard and the inflatable didn't do as much for me as the fight, when I saw Ruby finally send Simone scurrying to the shower defeated, after a tough, hard fight, as they shimmered. A surprise for me way back then, I thought Simone unbeatable at BFUK.

Because oil-fights are prevalent throughout the internet I rarely found any I felt sufficiently interested in, simply because the ladies were unknown to me with mostly wrestling from roll-around to well or badly acted, to absolutely athletically wild, but I didn't sense any competitive tension: they were, after all, performing.

Then BFUK announced Carmen and Kelly were going to oil-fight in the inflatable, 

so knowing something of their background and fighting prowess, out of curiosity, I bought the vid. 

Carmen and Kelly oiled themselves up teasingly, almost naked they fought a roll-a-round with hair attacks and slapping and that for me was competitively erotic,

because I knew it was a realistic presentation where one girl wanted the win more than the other-

which created the necessary competitive tension, though Carmen did herself sensualize with what seemed absolutely ecstatic facial moments.

                                                                                                         Their first oil-fight

Carmen ( rght ) again ( she obviously enjoyed the oiled bitch-fight ) had two super topless oil fights against Sahara : little and large.


Both very sexy with skin glittering and hard-fought cat-fights, a win apiece when Sahara had to endure a Carmen face-sit for losing the rematch. 

How can you stand and cat-fight on extremely slippery footing? You have to see it to believe how the BFUK girls did, but not always successfully.

Sahara ( lft ) risks another oil-fight against what I'd hoped would be a remainer, Jasmin, a mature lady with a superb figure but the risk was pretty much the voice hoarsely barking what she would do to Sahara when in fact Jasmin had no real control over Sahara at any time but I'm seeing erotic in that fight. 

Sadly, not topless but worthwhile. Jasmin turned out to be a leaver after all.

The latest involved two new characters Roxy and Sienna, having had a normal cat-fight where Roxy beat Sienna and Sienna, slapping wildly, somehow reversed the previous loss, the addition of oil obviously helped. 

Neither were topless but there was enough fleshy exposure to enshrine the shine and Roxy's flimsy top somehow, amazingly, kept her breasts from spilling out so the shine increases in importance the more skin that's exposed and if they are going at it hell for leather........ it might be worth it to hang around.

( A wee moan )haven't had any topless fights, even without oil for a while now.

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