Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Girl From Poland - Part 1

                                                                                                        Sapphire - def a gem.

This Polish girl we know as Sapphire may have been in the UK looking for work but she arrived at BFUK looking, it seems, for combat. At least she would have earned a few quid and she was prepared to strip off and box as well as cat-fight. My kind of girl!

                                                                     She's one of the really expensive gems.

Carmen stepped up to the plate to take her on and I can imagine the BFUK team along with Carmen and Sapphire driving to the countryside to find a suitable spot where the camera could shoot the event.

Both stripped to topless to fight in the field on a lovely sunny day but I'm seeing drama and I'm moody, so the pics vary from some colour to menacingly dark. Edgy - yeah!

                                                Let's get it on then and they sure did.

But first the girls locked up and the ultimate prize was who gets who to the ground. This could take a while as they are evenly matched.

Sapphire is proving to be a tough test for Carmen though she knows that Sapphire is not hardcore which suits Carmen and makes for an even fight.

Sapphire has plenty of loose dark hair for Carmen to grip and use to her advantage so Sapphire responds in kind and the slaps on naked flesh sound different outdoors, more of a click but just as effective. 

It's not going Carmen's way, even when her abundant hair covers her sight Sapphire gives Carmen pain.

She's got Carmen  to the grass and takes what looks like the winning mount.

Definitely under huge pressure Carmen brings her sexy thighs into action, scissoring Sapphire and compressing her ribs.

Carmen's leg scissors put the kybosh on Sapphire's obvious fighting energy after a strength-sapping struggle where Carmen hangs in to get ' the give ' from Sapphire. 

                                                                           Nice one Carmen

Carmen turned the tables on the more likely winner but I doubt Sapphire was pleased at the turn of events and Part 2 may clarify that doubt. 

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