Monday, 12 December 2016

The Girl From Poland - Part 2 and a ramble.

What a splendidly unusual way for girls to behave; not just to box each other but to undress to panties and stockings to promote eroticism while engaged in violent rules combat: life isn't so bad after all!

                                                                             Will this spot do?

( Carmen had never apparently boxed up to this point and it so happened she had suffered two cat-fight defeats from Faith, the latter, a humiliating defeat but she was still furious and on the old forum the talk was of another vitriolic cat-fight to happen but it was mentioned they should box this time. 

Wow! Unlikely, though Faith had used the boxing gloves twice before. Carmen could never agree to boxing, surely? Photoshop pic next.

                        A flippant thought but there was a demand at one time.

Pow! Carmen was up for it and the venom and disdain between her and  Faith on the old forum churned my adrenalin something awful. In fact Faith was so up for it she thought face-punching would be a good, new rule to add, perhaps expecting Carmen to back down but Carmen agreed. 

Certainly a new rule as far as BFUK boxing was concerned and a measure of how much Carmen and Faith perhaps detested each other.

However, Faith, having despatched Carmen wanted to cat-fight Natalie which had to be her priority at the time so the boxing match was shelved for then and subsequent events buried the idea altogether. )

                                                 Not a very confident pose Carmen?

True to the fighting spirit of Carmen she was up for a boxing match, to include face-punching, but it was to be against the newbie Sapphire. 

Of course Carmen and Sapphire shot way up in my estimation, not so many BFUK cat-fighters would box for the fans. 

                                                                                   Much better

But would it actually happen?

Poland must grow their girls tough because Sapphire, having lost her cat-fight to Carmen's leg scissors proceeded ( my imagination takes over now ) to challenge Carmen to box somewhere in the woods ( that's how we would hope it would happen ). 

Carmen, confident from her win was delighted the Polish girl was looking for further humiliation.

                                          The gloves are on: Sapphire is not backing down.

So the BFUK team found a spot in the trees to film where the girls again stripped to topless and strapped on the boxing gloves.

Full of energy the younger Sapphire piled on the pressure early on, literally jumping into the air to land punches to the face of the taller woman.

Carmen rode the storm with her right jab going under Sapphire's face punches, into the body.

They obviously had little or no experience of boxing but they were giving their best.

Sapphire is landing her punches anywhere on Carmen while Carmen seems to respect her own boundaries, seemingly disinclined to go at it ' like for like ' and yet she is giving almost as good as she gets.

I'm giving Sapphire a slight lead at this stage because her energy output seemed higher than Carmen's.

As the match progressed and the girls tire the double-handed punches landed together, with more pushing going on.

I can probably give Carmen a draw in the boxing because they are, after all, novices. 

Carmen had had enough, she decided that the boxing gloves should come off and guess what? 

They wanted to cat-fight topless again and this time Sapphire did not fall for Carmen's body scissors and though somewhat stagnant towards the end, Sapphire kept Carmen smothered to gain the submission.

A long day's session for Carmen and Sapphire but all in all a very sexy production ending in a draw overall between Wales and Poland.

Though I suppose the last laugh went to Poland. Haste ye back Sapphire.

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