Thursday, 29 December 2016

14th Boxing Gallery

If New Year wishes come true then all the BFUK girls listed here plus maybe Sahara and Lacey should make 2017 fight fantastic.

Bella for one, after tackling and drawing with the last girl on this page, Drucilla, before the holidays, she would be one to watch carefully and I'd advise the established Sahara and Lacey to do the same if they get it on with Bella. She's got champion written all over her lovely figure and doesn't she have a fierce face for one so pretty? That's the way I like it!

Foxy Roxy was motivated strongly when she beat Sassy Sienna then bathed that sexy looking body in oil only to lose to a tough, slapping Sienna. 

Possibly not likely to see this lass who talks the talk and walks the walk but when, after giving Drucilla the hard edge of her banter, she failed to appear for that fight and Bella had to step in, suggests she had cut the connection but you never know in cat-fights.

The cute Sassy Sienna is a little firebrand who escalates herself when she gets into the fight, excitedly and I can't help getting behind to cheer her on. If she takes you with her bubbly personality that can't be bad. Hope to see more of this smaller lady 2017, she's cool.....and feisty.

Not likely to see this smart lady again, with the fuller figure in her fetching lingerie, a sexy fashion show but because her attitude before and after her fight against Amy went from rocketing upwards to parachuting downwards, she went off the boil altogether. I wont give up on her just yet, she left her mark. 

Lottie against Foxy Roxy would be a good 'un, if you like the idea you'd best use your imagination.

A sexy figure and a lovely face are not essential in a cat-fight but Sam has it all and though she lost to Amy, she can carry on losing, she just has to turn up and do her best.

I took a fancy to Katie when I saw her fight Amy, she wasn't going to be predictable, she knew her own mind which probably gave her the win and ended a solid run from Amy. I can see Katy fighting Sam just for my honour but who would I root for? 

Make it a draw the first time, then I'll decide.

Pretty Amy is a tall lady with a seemingly friendly attitude to her opponents but she is silently motivated to win and I think she'll have more to offer 2017.

Drucilla Tate bursts back onto the BFUK scene with a more edgy look and a promise she'll be the new queen but after a draw with Bella she'll have to stay in the queue and continue to fight for that honour. 

Here's the rub, Dru is the only lady on this page who has a BFUK boxing match under her belt, some time ago admittedly but that took a lot of courage just the same.

I will hope that as the girls pose and brandish the boxing gloves maybe the brave will step up to the plate for a boxing match in 2017: That's my secret New Year wish exposed.

And then there's always Sahara and Lacey.

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