Monday, 2 January 2017

Snatch and Grabs Review and a touch-up or two - Shay v Jess.



Two cracking newbies are introduced to cat-fight BFUK fashion. At that time I wasn't aware of Shay Hendrix ( right ) who was becoming well known in other circles found on the internet but I was blown away by both these girls as to how they looked and shaped up against each other, while dressed down.

Shay found her fight level fairly quickly and Jess fought her comfortably.

Often keeping to their knees while grappling to determine superior strength.

Shay is trying to match Jess determinedly but each effort in which she attempts to dominate, Jess is often in a better position to gain the advantage.

And sometimes, almost not, though if I only had the words to describe this pic even adequately as Shay looks to find a position on top while Jess is already moving herself to escape.

Jess begins to dominate a little, emphasised by gripping Shay's hair.

With a sufficient tug to elicit a pained expression from Shay.

Pic touched up a little but you can see by her hair how much Jess quickly needs to dominate while Shay is vulnerable.

There is no escape for Shay, Jess is the tougher fighter as she wears Shay down for the submission.

A very attractive fight from two lovely ladies and yet Jess had shown she doesn't like to lose but her one appearance at BFUK was all we could expect.

On the other hand, though it took a long time Shay took the time out from her busy life to appear again at BFUK when she fought Natalie.( I got a tingle out of that fight too. )


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