Sunday, 19 February 2017

Intro to a Cat-fight - The Girl with Golden Hair.

Natalie v Axa - the topless fight. In my top five fights at BFUK

I know, it's golden because of the light, but it's still brunette versus blonde.


Now this was an utter cat-fight which I didn't really expect when Axa met Natalie, simply because of the tenacity with which these girls fought to the absolute nth of the rules and they did it topless. Axa with the golden hair versus the taller brunette Natalie.

Hair-pulling close to extreme at times, vicious hard slapping of the body most of the time and grappling to achieve the winning seat with individual techniques and of course strength which was about equal.

Natalie normally goes with the flow in her cat-fights, depending on her opponent, though without doubt she maintains 100 per cent effort to usually match her opponent's ability.

Just after the start of the fight I did sense that the result could be a loss for my favourite fighter at BFUK.

Newbie blonde Axa, an unknown to me had no hesitation in stripping to topless for her first fight at BFUK. Her partner was watching, as was Natalie's so this may have been the reason why Axa upped the ante right away: she determined the fierceness of the fight which required the appropriate response from Natalie and.... what a fight.

Natalie would normally gauge her response once she had determined how far her opponent was prepared to go. With Axa she learned suddenly she was in the deeper end of the swimming pool and she wasn't allowed to safely doggy-paddle. This was going to be a thrashing the way the newbie set about her.

Starting as a slap fight Axa was heavy-handed, Natalie doing her best to fend her off and retaliate.

Axa wanted most of the fight initially even as they took each other to the duvet, grappling for the upper hand, the slaps Axa was landing were ferocious and a few landed on Natalie's breasts.

 Even when Natalie fought to get the mount she suffered wicked hair-pulling and vicious slaps to the body and chest: Axa was not there to make up the numbers, she was desperately fighting to WIN.

 I knew that Natalie loved the bottom spot towards the climax of the fight, from which she landed most of her successes against others but Axa had, by her aggression, created a strong rivalry between her and Natalie: the bar had been raised. 

She had to fight, I think out of spite, to prove that she was just as strong as Axa so the exchanges for the mount were fierce and prolonged.

Then a subtle change, towards the end of the fight, Axa is losing her impetus, Natalie's stamina has kicked in as Axa's evaporates. The newbie is beginning to struggle though the slaps and hair-pulling from her position below Natalie are just as violent.

Where before it was Axa with unlimited power of slapping and hair-pulling, Natalie had tamed the newbie who cannot get out from under.

And while she finishes off Axa's magnificent fighting challenge Natalie wants payback with slaps landing on Axa's breasts and elsewhere until Axa gives. 

The brunette has beaten the blonde, but it certainly was a golden fight.

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