Saturday, 25 February 2017

Miscellaneous Asides - 8


She came along at a time when we thought no woman would pit herself against Electra  and what a furore  it caused and not just in the fight arena. 

Though Ceecee lost her challenges to Electra she went on to entertain and her approach was consistently casual as in the above casually blatant display of her attractiveness when she won, in fact she didn't lose again after the losses to Electra. A worthy sexy challenger.                                                                 

You could be forgiven for thinking her partner had just walked out on her after a a romantic tryst in the hay, maybe because she wouldn't go far enough but her beautiful face is forlorn because Ruby got the better of her in a fight and against Ruby, to win she had to go beyond far enough.


Wiping her nose or burping  I know not what but when she fights she makes sure she leaves behind 100 per cent of effort. 

So easy on the eye but never easy on her opponents win or lose.


To say Cassie is a cheeky, likeable, sexy biatch is true but she proved she had the determination, wit and grit to lay the doubts about her scrapping ability with credit when she faced up to Emma and they produced a nail-biting fight which is possibly the top fight at BF:UK


' Where did my opponent go? I was face-sitting her: I was winning. '

Calm down Faith you were dreaming, though there is a lot of truth there, you did face-sit your opponents in victory quite often. 

She does the startled look so well - a natural talent.


She suffered bruises from slaps, scratches and hair in disarray probably losing some of it but her smile accompanied the defeats and wins many times, no matter how much she suffered and over the years she kept bouncing back, at times to my utter disbelief but always with my utter admiration.


This sexy woman was well worth seeing in lingerie or topless in or out of a bitchfightuk and she proved it the hard way taking on some of the best fighters around in her time. Taz was up for a fight, against the tough or not so tough.


In a slutty way Carmen tells her opponent what she is going to do to her when they get it on. Puts me in mind of the old storyline cat-fights in which Carmen, I'm sure would excel, she had all the necessary weapons.

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