Sunday, 5 March 2017

Intro to a Cat-fight 2



Krystal had a couple of fights at BFUK her first being against a favourite of mine Crystal Lou ( Nicola, her other appellation I will  use to avoid confusion ). These two went at it topless and and they created a good old rough and tumble.

Two sturdy well-stacked women wanted to fight.

I was already aware Nicola had lots of stamina and she was, to put it honestly, a bit of a rough-house, she wasn't afraid to get stuck in so I had no idea how the newbie Krystal would react.

Topless always increases my appreciation and heightens my anticipation to know beforehand.

They looked as if they were cosying up to each other before the start of the fight which might give the impression there was something between them. I wish!

But any such thoughts were grounded when they smashed into each other and they began their search for weaknesses.

Nicola showed Krystal how to get the upper hand though Krystal decided the best way forward was to resist and maintain some form of attack by slapping and gripping hair.

As the fight progressed Krystal gave as good as she was getting, at times getting the better of the clash. My loyalty swayed between the two ( definitely a flirt eh! ) as the fight heated up but I was thoroughly enjoying their private battle. 

Please forgive the interference with the pics, the BF
UK pics are fab and you may not see it my way but I get sudden impact from memory recall when I doctor.

Up close and personal is what these girls do and the blaze of sexuality is searingly captured in a still though the girls may not get that vibe during their fight. I sure do.

Returning to the fight it's still raging though I'm sensing my shaky loyalty edging back to Nicola, she's getting the bigger fraction of the action.

Nicola's slaps bite hard on the waning Krystal; I've already said Nicola is one of these rare animals who has reserves of stamina which must eventually take it's toll on the psyche of her opponent: Krystal was on her way down. 

Nicola now has a handle on Krystal and to get the submission she forces the fight in Krystal to waver further..

The evil gleam in the eye of Nicola as she approaches the ' coup de gras ' and the despair of the thought but inevitability of losing shows on Krystal's face.

The sensual final victory mount is for Nicola to enjoy and Krystal to accept and the harsh breathing from both interrupted meekly by Krystal's ' I submit.'

OK I do lose the place but I have pointed my version to only a fraction of this fight, there is actually a lot more to enjoy and for some reason I sure loved this fight.

What's not to like when two sturdy gals want to fight topless: no exaggeration necessary.

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