Sunday, 12 March 2017

Pub Fight Stories - Natalie v Faith/Boxing Start.

                                                     FAITH VERSUS NATALIE

The Pig and Whistle announce a rematch fight between Natalie The Squeeze Smiley and Faith KO More, a fight much sought after and carrying a large purse; a fight I thought, gone with the wind. Two of my favourites going head to head in a rematch, my mind is blown just thinking of it.

A full house for the weigh-in and fight so I buy my pint, camera ready and relax until the girls weigh-in. I notice around fifty sponsors have come from far and wide for this fight and they're paying £250 a head. Faith against Natalie has to be worth it.

I hear from gossip Faith was offered £1500 initially which she'd pooh poohed, so, safe to assume Natalie was expecting more than More having beaten her in their previous fight and what a fight that was; Natalie's legs won the fight hands down scissoring a tiring Faith to the extreme.

A buzz mounts as the ladies enter the fight room. 

Natalie strips out of her blouse and skirt taking the scales, looking a little nervous, though she flexes confidently after her weight is noted.

Faith is down to her fight gear apart from her bra, she is staring hard at Natalie as she waits her turn to step on the scales. She can't wait to fight: enough payback she win.

The difference in this fight is that it starts with a four minute round of bare-chested boxing followed by a gloveless fight, to the finish. 

Both Natalie and Faith have boxed previously but not against each other, so there will be needle ahead if I know anything of Faith. 

However, neither could be called boxers unless they've received training since a long time ago, therefore it's conceivable they're unlikely to injure each other.

The lounge surrounds a dance area on three sides laid out with a mat so the audience is up close and personal, but there's not a lot of room on the dance floor so most of the fight will be at close-quarters with the audience breathing down their necks. 

Just how I like it. The girls have to think on their feet because there's absolutely nowhere to run.

Faith and Natalie reappear colour co-ordinated and ready to box and I sense ( unless it's just me ) the surge of adrenaline and testosterone in the audience as they walk through the lounge towards the dance floor. Whiffy! 

My testosterone levels peak in the eddy of her perfumed body as she passes.

Faith responds to the audience as she makes her way there.

Natalie marches in with a confident - that's what the audience wants to see - flourish.

The small crowd surrounds the arena shuffling to allow all to view the fight. A nose full of her perfume sends me goggle-eyed giddy. Must concentrate.

Looking grimly at Faith, Natalie shrugs herself to loosen up while Faith banters with the blokes, both banging their gloves, they look a tad nervous.

' Gentlemen ' announces the pub owner - ' Faith at 5'5" in the blue corner weighs in at 158 lb. Faith grins and calls out ' Down 6 lbs ' which draws applause from her fans.

 ' Natalie is 5' 9" and she weighs in at 147 lbs ' answered by a nervy strained cheer.

I think she's put on around 7 lbs for this fight. Sensible.

The mouth-guards are inserted. ' Disrobe and touch gloves ladies ' he continues ' Protect yourself at all times.'

                             I ask for a posed pic, they oblige and touch gloves.

Fair to say my thoughts on this fight clicked Faith into the proverbial ' bull in a china shop ' and Natalie into the strategist which is on the face of it true but Faith has a depth to her which came to light in her cat-fight against Natalie and surprised me utterly though she still lost. A rematch would have been spectacular: and may well have ended differently.

The rematch didn't happen.... we are.

Fight! Faith loses no time, her gloves positively whirring, her forward momentum lost suddenly as a gorgeous left jab from a cool Natalie lands flush on her face. 

It's a knock-down! Faith is sprawled on all fours on the wooden floor. What a start. Uproar!

Natalie looks as if she has, like wrestling, widened her skills to include a bit of boxing over and above the cat-fight.

Natalie patiently waits for Faith to get up though I guess she hopes for an early win.

Faith shakes her head, more, I think, in embarrassment, she gets up as the count gets to 5.

Now a tentative Faith circles but Natalie's jab keeps her at arms length and forces her to keep her gloves high. 

An obvious signal from Natalie, trying to land a big right allows Faith to bang a good right hook into Natalie's ribs while the big right from Natalie whistles over Faith's head. 

Now inside the taller Natalie pulling her with her left arm around her waist thumping her right glove into her breast and ribs then clinching. 

Natalie wants out, pushing away from Faith who lets go a roundhouse right that catches Natalie on the face as she backs away; again momentum rather than the punch sits Natalie on her bum. 

She's up right away.

Moans intermingle with the advice from the audience, some will be hoarse after this fight and a beer welcome.

Looking to get in close again Faith is pushed back and hits the wall; she's vulnerable as Natalie takes advantage with strikes to her stomach and a vicious dig into Faith's left breast: I'm sure that was accidental. No way Nat would do that for real.

Faith's retaliates with a severe shot to Natalie's chest and it now looks like a tit fight as they try to land punches into the chest area.

Faith ups the ante - as always - with a deliberate upward punch to Natalie's groin as a left from Natalie lands almost gently on Faith's head due to the surprise wicked punch to the groin which almost doubles her over. Faith capitalises with several punches to the head.

' One minute left ' the referee calls.

Natalie looks furious ( unusual ) but she resets herself to face Faith for the final minute. Keep the cool.

A flurry of excitable blows from Faith drives Natalie back, she throws caution to the wind and a real rough-house develops, the crowd roars encouragement as the blows land and the referee finally calls a halt though they are still looking to land punches.

Faith hits Natalie with a cracking right uppercut and Natalie wavers on her feet as the referee leaps out of his chair and separates them, wagging his finger at Faith.

He raises Natalie's hand as the winner to some boos from the audience explaining ' dirty tactics and hitting after the bell.'

I don't remember hearing a bell ever, just his voice.

Natalie pads out of the arena in style, the winner.

Never mind Faith ( she looks a bit marked up ) the gloveless fight is next, you can still take her.


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