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Pub Fight Stories - Natalie v Faith Part 2. The Gloveless Fight

                                                    PUB FIGHT STORIES

It's the cat-fight category now, an event that should have happened for real but didn't.

Both uncork the liniment bottles while facing each other spreading the liquid over their bodies rubbing it into the skin until the gleam is caught in the low-cast lights.

The sitting referee calls them together to shake hands. Natalie smiles and strides out to shake Faith's hand: Faith ignores her. Duh? 

Well: She did lose to Natalie in their first cat-fight and just 15 minutes ago Natalie's boxing surprised us all including Faith but Faith's known for a little bit of wickedness to up the ante in and during her fights.

I guess as many fans are for as against sporting cat-fights, likewise bad-tempered cat-fights.( wild guess)

Complete with mouth-guards, the girls are told, no eye gouging, one hand must hold onto her opponent's hair while upright unless ground fighting. Fight to the finish without timed round breaks but they have two time-outs each.

The referee calls out ' Are you ready, '  the girls nod and adopt a fighting stance. I think there's something wrong with my camera.

Natalie is not the fastest out of the blocks and Faith has a healthy respect for Natalie so the fight starts low-key, hands in the hair and slaps to the body. Possibly a long way to go so no point in hurrying two lovely topless girl in a championship fight with a huge purse.

Maintaining the mandatory hair-hold the two pull and twist the head to advantage to allow the free hand to slap but Faith ( probably remembering how Natalie controlled the early part of their first fight ) goes for punches to the belly and lobbing slaps to Natalie's face.

Natalie's finding Faith's attack more severe than in the first fight so she responds with slaps and punches as the hair-pulling and jerking the head intensifies, accelerating the speed of the action.

Still holding hair, their bodies jerk wildly as they try to avoid the body punch only to be brought to a skidding halt by the yanking of hair. 

To some extent the loose hair protects the face from wild slaps and punches from Faith but because she looks down on Faith's face Natalie's slaps find the face-cheeks to cause Faith to emit a slight squeal at times, the slaps are so hard that Faith has to grip Natalie's wrist to stop the slaps and punches. This is serious.

Faith signals the ref for a time out. They've been scrapping it out on their feet for over two minutes and Faith looks worst off, she's covering her left eye but both girls are already showing signs of bruising to the body and face.

Synopsis - Faith had upped her game at the start of the fight to get an early advantage but Natalie adjusted and used her height to fight her toe to toe to keep a slight edge over Faith, who was forced into calling for a break.

They've only had 60 seconds rest and Faith's left eye is closing as the girls are called to stand in the arena or bow out. Both ladies respond. Can Faith break the lead Natalie is building.

Faith, at the run, looks for a solid grip of Natalie's waist in an attempt to bowl her over but Natalie's strong legs stand firm, they lock-up hair-pulling and tugging. 

The upper halves of their bodies get lower and lower and they begin to head-butt each other fearful of being taken to the floor. The head butting is mild, they're just jostling for position.

Using the advantage of having Natalie at an even height, Faith lays in hard slaps to Natalie's back. 

Natalie seems stuck, Faith's left hand holds her head down and her slaps turn to wicked punches into Natalie's ribs and back forcing her to defend.

Natalie's hands hit the floor when Faith seizes her under the shoulder with her right arm and the first throw of the fight goes to Faith. Natalie is helpless while Faith takes the mount and the frantic punches and slaps rain on Natalie body and face.

Once again Natalie's long legs sensuously encircle Faith's ribs, the famous finishing weapon in Natalie's armoury but as the squeeze begins Faith pushes hard up Natalie's body punching her abdomen at the same time. Three hard rights into the belly is enough.

With the failure of the leg scissors Natalie is forced to call a time-out and the girls break. A wise move by Natalie though Faith is annoyed having fended off the scissors attack from her.

Faith is sorely upset at losing the advantage and she shows her displeasure with a snarl at Natalie as they part.

Five minutes into the fight, Faith taking the honours so they are all square, just as it should be. Now it's about stamina to the finish

Natalie wipes the blood from her nose and mouth and stands ready for what will perhaps be the final episode. She's nursing her left breast indicating it's a bite mark to the referee. He checks the wound while sitting and looks at Faith who denies the bite. He rules  ' inconclusive ' when Faith shakes her head in denial.

Faith's eyebrow is cut and bleeding and a black eye well under-way. 

She pushes her breasts out to show her bruising and middle-fingers to Natalie.

Fight! They lock up and Faith's head is against Natalie's chest, she's holding hair and punching Natalie's ribs. Pain registers on Natalie's face, changing to anger, letting go Faith's hair she wildly smashes her fists into Faith's body. 

The ref steps in to separate them and warns Natalie for punching without holding hair. A snarl from Faith as she backs off, Natalie points to a bite mark on her left breast, it's bleeding freely.

The ref is pondering but Faith closes in again before he decides. She buries her head into Natalie's chest. 

Natalie wants to back off as Faith fires short punches into Natalie's crotch and lower belly. She needs room and backs off, her thinking process is to stop Faith attacking her breasts but when she does Faith switches to the groin.

Both grab hair and blast each other with slaps and punches with their free hand, into the body. The slap marks are becoming lacerated now, droplets of blood eking from the areas frequently slapped.

Natalie forces Faith's head downwards and gives her back a pounding. Her longer arms gradually push Faith's head by the hair down level with her belly- button striking Faith's back solidly. Faith has lost her grip on Natalie's hair, she cannot fight back: she has no answer, having to obey the rules.

The right knee cracks into Faith's face twice, Faith howls as she is taken to the floor and mounted with ease, blood pouring from her nose.

Seizing and twisting Natalie's slapping hand, Faith body-shifts and in an amazingly deft move, Natalie just has to obey the combined pressures which force her away, chased by Faith who scrambles on top of her.

The action is panicky and furious from Faith, her hand slaps Natalie's face as the leg scissors are applied: Natalie seems calmer, even as her face is slapped, her stamina endures, her main asset.

The extent of the blood-letting is now obvious, they are both hideously covered in bruising, bleeding from face damage and lacerations to the body, finger nail scratches and possibly bite-marks. Is this going too far?


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