Sunday, 19 March 2017

BFUK Update

Looks like a busy time ahead for BFUK, new gals appear on the horizon so be prepared for some fireworks and possibly some interesting fights.

New lady Roxy Hart wants to fight at BFUK and she steps up to the plate with a sweet toned and cared for figure. A nice smile perhaps doesn't indicate she's a bit of a bitch...yet.

These low-slung polka-dot panties  are designed to emphasize the toned belly. Top marks for exposure Roxy, you're way ahead already.

And you can tell she likes that look, this outfit she wears in her debut fight against Harmony with just a hint of a smile. 

Harmony, I believe, has previous fight experience elsewhere which possibly puts Roxy at a disadvantage but looking at her pic you wouldn't think she'd be mean and aggressive in a fight: when they are cute and curvy like her I just can't think of her as a badass. 

Though this was not her fight outfit you've got to admit she's impressive.

The Staredown

You can tell who is the newbie in the staredown pic; Harmony keeps her poker-playing face while newbie Roxy can't help but smile. A dead giveaway?

I did enjoy the fight and so did Harmony, while Roxy showed the blessings of a tight body and a surefire hard slap, Harmony's experience exploited the newbie to the point of bullying in the grappling but both suffered from the slapping attacks as Roxy plainly shows (  Roxy has mean hands too ). Though I'm sure Harmony can display slapping marks on the other side of that lovely body. 

A learning curve for Roxy Hart, she'll soon get the hang of it if she stays around.

Three other potential fighters in the offing. 

I suggested on FB that Chaos take on Drucilla Tate as a fight opener and BFUK did not totally dismiss the idea. Dru is a big girl, possibly bigger than Chaos though that is only an impression without seeing them together and the name Chaos might well even up their stature.

Chaos is voluptuous and tatted, a thoroughly modern girl so there is a similarity between her and a Drucilla who emerged from her beginnings at BFUK as an untatted and unquestionably ' nice ' girl to the raging, ambitious and edgy woman she is now but is there enough bitch in either to win.

A brunette with an eye-catching figure: I know nothing more but I'll update on her pronto when I find out.

Update - Her chosen name is Cherry and......

Meet Cherry ( right ) or rather, Drucilla Tate meet Cherry, this fight has just been released by BFUK, not much vaunted on FB but Cherry towers over Dru ( she must 5'10" ) and it looks like Dru has got her hands full and her work cut out again to register her first win. The hair is tied up but I reckon there will be lots of hairpulling and slaps before the result is known.

A languid pose from this new woman who looks a bit special but if you analyse her chosen name.....she's going to be tough to handle.....pure magic.


My last entry is a whopper....Sahara is back and she is offering a chance to Roxy Hart to take her title from her. Sahara has always been a risk-taker especially against against bigger girls, I don't expect her to lose but Roxy, in her debut fight has learned some from the experienced Harmony.

Roxy Hart in only her second fight at BFUK has the chance to win a trophy. Jazzy low-slung panties ( I think they are even narrower than her last pair ) sit nicely way under the abs, not to mention her other assets.

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