Friday, 31 March 2017

Pub Fight Stories - Natalie v Faith Part 3....NUDE!

Again Natalie's long legs snake around Faith's waist, her knees seeking the ribs but before she can extend her legs Faith leaps to her feet hauling Natalie's panties off at the same time. What!!

She thirls them in the air and throws them into the crowd, beckoning Natalie up to fist-fight.

A now completely nude, angry and embarrassed Natalie calls for a break seven minutes into the fight. The brutal belly punches have taken their toll. 

Her panties are missing and the ref cannot excuse her from the arena. 

The panties actually whizzed past my ear: my reflexes are rubbish.

Natalie is furious, she stomps off to her corner while a brazen Faith pulls off her panties and tosses them into the crowd; she stands naked, bloodied and bruised and unashamed. A true fighter. 

She starts to pose, what a tease she is and the crowd loves it, they are hoarsely trying to shout though they sound like wheezing donkeys. I think they are enjoying this fight.

' Fight! '

Because of her bad behaviour, Faith is unsure of Natalie's response, she stays put as Natalie angrily crashes into her, a hard knee flattens Faith's right breast. As she tries to protect herself, Natalie easily wrestles her to the floor.

Faith covers her face from the wicked slaps and Natalie switches to punching the ribs. Faith's breasts sway from side to side after some sharp slaps while her hair is pulled and yanked mercilessly. Now Natalie is making a huge, furious statement: is there a way back for a cowering, wickedly mischievous Faith.

Good hair twisting as Faith wrestles Natalie to their knees to exchange hard blows and hair tugging. Just when I thought she was done Faith is back in the fight, a softish knee ( almost a sexual overture ) into Natalie's crotch while kneeling. Natalie cannot be impressed.

A further knee this time hard into Natalie's crotch and Natalie is impressed, she topples, her legs automatically seeking Faith's ribs. 

The hair is getting a lot of attention and Natalie is getting the worst of it.


Faith struggles but again she's caught in the scissors trap ( will she ever learn ) her ribs slowly squashed, stretching her hair to tearing from the scalp; gasping for breath, the helpless yelps from Faith suggests she cannot spring from the deadly trap.

But the leg scissors, I think, leaves Natalie's crotch vulnerable. A huge effort from Faith with her hands working hard between their bodies rolls her and Natalie until they face each other. Faith calls for her final break. 

Natalie points to her crotch but after close inspection the referee again shakes his head: ' No obvious injury ' he cites and shrugs. An exasperated Natalie returns to her corner.

Eleven minutes now and there's still no sign of a submission though it seems the last minute was close for Faith.

Chests are heaving as they take on water and clean the blood from their faces, their lovely bodies are truly ruined but the injuries seem to no longer count: it's just about winning.


Hands into thinning hair for purchase, a left uppercut from Faith finds Natalie's face without a reaction, I think the girls are immune from the pain and I'm sure Natalie's nose is already broken.

A left hook finds Faith's ribs at the same time as a heavy kick from Faith smacks into Natalie's thigh. 

This is new, introducing kick-boxing while gripping the hair is a first for BFUK but this could prove risky for Faith.

Natalie tames Faith by hair control while Faith barely stays in the game maintaining her grip on Natalie's hair. The back slaps bang in from Natalie on an already severely bruised skin and she's raking skin with her nails. Faith takes to yelping again so she is not yet immune from the pain of punishment from long nails. Faith struggles upright and leans against Natalie.

A beautiful surprise throw goes to Faith totally catching Natalie unawares. She goes down, a whoop from Faith who gratefully mounts the helpless Natalie.

Her euphoria evaporates as Natalie gets the early scissors before she can capitalize, gripping Faith's hair severely to maintain the wicked rib crunch. Faith needs to get out of that hold, this is Natalie's winning tactic to which she consistently falls victim. 

She can't survive another scissors from Natalie, they are tired but Faith more-so, after 14 minutes of fighting she looks to have breathing difficulties while Natalie just gets angrier.


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