Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pub Fight Stories - Natalie v Faith Part 4/Finale

Natalie shifts quickly to capture Faith's head between her thighs and there's no resistance. Faith looks done as Natalie finds a free hand to smack her in the kisser several times but Faith, while close to choking is again working the punches into Natalie's naked groin, Faith wants to hang and bang dirty.

The buzz in the audience increases again.

Another hard punch from Faith into that sweet groin and her head is free,

Natalie's hand protects her groin as Faith literally falls on top of her. Natalie stays on her back, she looks pretty exhausted though Faith is hardly moving, she looks all in. I can hardly believe Faith will get a submission in her state?

Natalie answers as she grips Faith's hair and rolls her onto her back, repeatedly asking for a submission but Faith who is unresponsive. Slowly, clutching her crotch Natalie gets to her feet and raises her other hand ' I've won ' she croaks.

Faith's leg twitches and kicks Natalie on the ankle. No submission. Faith gets to her knees  and holds up her hands, she wants to speak.

" I'll put my purse against yours for this fight, winner take all " she gasps.

Stunned, Natalie nods her head. She raises her fists again, she's on auto-pilot as she circles the woman on her knees, looking for an opening. Their nude bodies, sweaty and bloody, the wild hair look showing the odd bald patch.

The crowd curiously silent. Like me they are thinking, how dumb is that? She's losing.

Literally collapsing on Faith, Natalie straddles her again and the hair-pulling and slaps start again. Faith's hand grips Natalie's already wounded breast and squeezes. Natalie closes down the distance between their bodies but Faith insists on pulling the nipple and squeezing as hard as she can.

In exasperation Natalie's final energy is spent slapping Faith's head, breasts and stomach until Faith's hand slides limply off her sweaty, scratched and bruised breast.

Faith looks done as Natalie gets to her feet with  something like a flourish and walks, unsteadily and slowly to the dressing room.

Faith unbelievably twists and grasps Natalie's ankle as she walks off the floor. The look on Natalie's face is exasperation as she again straddles Faith's nude body. Faith weakly resists.

I can't believe Faith has been able to keep something in reserve, pretending to be finished? Surely not!

But pure anger and frustration floods Faith face, she throws punches and slaps overpowering Natalie off her body, Natalie must be in shock realising it's not over. She tries to scissor but Faith gets to her feet and Natalie has to follow. The punching begins again, Natalie looks done in and can't match Faith's unexplained resurgence.

Faith gets Natalie in a headlock, hanging on to her hair, slapping upwards into her face. Amazingly she finds a throw and mounts Natalie quickly, her gorgeous legs stationary as Faith, weeping from her effort, slaps Natalie's face until a submission is clearly heard. Faith is not convinced and has to be hauled off her adversary, still slapping.

Both ladies have to be assisted off the dance floor.

What a dance that was.

I heard they were both taken to the local hospital for a health check which they passed with flying colours though extensive bandaging was required for  cracked ribs and treatment for a broken nose.

In actuality Faith lost her fight to Natalie in their great showdown cat-fight but I pin my hopes that they would rematch and in my mind Faith would have prevailed from changed circumstances and knowing Natalie's strengths.

I'm always gonna bitch on that fight. Ain't gonna move on.

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