Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tag Team Pairings at BitchfightUK. Yep, I'm dreaming again.

                                                             MINI-WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Has to be the petite Lacey and her likewise petite pal Kitkat. What a thought: in fact, an absolute dream. This could have been an amazing fight team gathering quite a big following at BFUK.

                                                                  Lacey                               Kitkat


Definitely Sahara but I'd have to find her partner from the past and I'm going with a one-of cutie at BFUK ( probably because she turned out nude ) in the the delicious shape of Zoe. If I asked Sahara who she'd want for a tag team partner she'd probably say ' I'll fight them on my own ' but I'd love to see Zoe in the ring against Kitkat and Lacey, more especially Kitkat - cutely awesome fight, I think.

                                                             Zoe                                       Sahara

                                                              Middle-weight Championship

 I feel on safer ground here though you might not agree, my pairings would be the fantastic Ceecee and Chelsea against Electra and Ruby. Utter shock and awe.

                                                  Chelsea                                            Ceecee


                                                     Electra                                              Ruby

I know, Electra in the ring against Chelsea: let alone Ruby against Ceecee

 A fight that would shatter the glass.

                                                                  Light Middle-weight Championship

And how about throwing into the mix Natalie alongside Carmen perhaps against Faith and Emma. That would work.

                                                                 Natalie                        Carmen

And they want to box them before the catfight? Why not?


                                                          Emma                                     Faith

I don't think Faith is sold on the idea of teaming up with Emma. She's walking out of shot looking sulky. I wonder why? Maybe because I'm putting out a fantasy cat-fight involving these two. They weighed less when they first fought at BFUK so light-middle is not too far out.


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