Thursday, 23 November 2017

I do fantasize: Emma versus Faith - Pub Fight Stories - Round 1

I do fantasize but my toes begin to curl thinking ' What if Emma and Faith had been around at the same time at BFUK? I'm fairly sure BFUK would have seen the sense of matching them given the right circumstances.

I reckon the flippant manner of Faith would have pierced the serious-minded Emma, just like Cassie did when she and Emma had a very popular controversial fight.

The only way I can pull this off is a fight in the barn behind the Silk Stalking pub where it is known women stalk each other to just plain fight or to settle a grudge.

Strange for Emma to take this one on because the Silk Stalking rules are non-existent when it comes to two women squaring up, in fact the only rule they do have is ' Do unto others--------------' and when Faith is in the arena Emma has to respond to whatever comes her way which means she might not be able to cope but I'm hoping otherwise.

Five, five minute rounds to determine a winner is the norm for the Silk Stalking.

Hoorah! The day is here. I can't believe they've actually agreed to fight and as they walk into the barn to face the management and sponsors they have both lost weight though Faith is heavier by a few pounds.

                                                              Emma                                   Faith

The heat of the summer's day subsiding, the girls take questions from the mostly male audience before disrobing to fight.

Emma: " If there's anything to the face I'm walking out but I know how to fight her and the way she's trash-talked me I'll enjoy slapping her down, again, again and again."

Faith: " She doesn't worry me, it'll be over in two rounds, she'll wish she stayed home".

I snuck into the dressing room ( because I'm allowed ) and get a shot of the girls, they are ok for a pic.

Faith is ready and fisting the air while Emma is calmly undressing. I ask them, how about, for atmosphere, a pic of fists up in just panties, in the barn. They agree.....I'm astounded.

I'm excited but unless something goes way off track this won't be... no fistfight.

The girls return to the dressing room to change into their fight gear ( or what I feel they might look good in ).

Is it just me or am I sensing that there is no real animosity between these two, though Faith is working the drama to intimidate. But is it working? 

Straw banked at the sides of the one-piece mat, the audience is ready as the girls enter the arena to loud applause.

As they are introduced they circle and size each other up in the barn, just a touch of make-up as Faith aggressively bunches her fists to make her intentions obvious, before the bandages are applied.. Had to capture that little piece of aggressive intimidation.

Though Emma is unimpressed, Faith is now flexing alongside the insults, giving it the works.

A serious Emma tosses her head and tells Faith to quit posing and fight. The referee is ready and tells the girls to fight only on the mat as the crowd closes in.

Squarely on the mat and ready to go, staring into the eyes waiting for the command, the silence punctuated by cries of ' C'mon Emma you've got this.' and ' Get her Faith, she's easy.'


They lock-up, testing strength, the resolve, yet to be tested. The breasts clash, they are so close, the stomach and hips bounce together as they frantically grip hair and necks to gain traction.

Stalemate! Both girls are fresh and neither finds a breakthrough so they bend over with tight hair holds, pulling and tugging as they swivel, wheel and walk, searching for weaknesses. The first hard slap crashes onto Emma's back but a severe hair tug makes Faith stagger as she utters a comment I don't catch other than the finishing word ' bitch.'

Those that thought Faith had an easy match must be feeling a sense of unease.

Emma who seems in charge, gut punches Faith hard three times while tugging her long hair and Faith is definitely rattled and I think winded. Emma takes the advantage, pulling Faith forward by the hair tripping her at the same time. Faith is down and Emma goes for a mount.

Her followers are yelling and shouting encouragement as she crushes Faith's breasts under her knees while Faith resists a submissive position.

Faith uses good ground tactics to prevent Emma securing a solid mount, she twists and turns pulling Emma on to her side. Facing each other, side-on, the slaps to the arms and chest echo loudly in the barn. Already the flesh is being marked by slaps and scratches are deep enough for blood to ooze.

On their knees they tug hair and slap, Emma uses her right hand to pull Faith's head to the side and punches Faith hard in the belly, another to her ribs. Faith locks up tight, I think she's been winded again but the bell rings for the end of the round.


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