Saturday, 27 January 2018

Emma versus Faith - Pub Fight Stories - Round 2

Emma claims the first round and I'm surprised but when I see them in their corners Emma looks just as bad, if not worse than Faith.

That's the worst about a ground fight you never often see what goes on. Emma has what looks like a blackening eye but she hasn't walked away from the fight like she promised....yet, maybe it was accidental. Faith has gone to town with her nails but the gut punches that definitely worried Faith gives Emma the lead.

Faith's face is full of revenge, Emma is wary but they settle for hair, wicked tugging and pulling, looking for a take-down. Why Emma doesn't howl I'll never know, her short hair is coming out by the roots,scattered on the mat.

Emma has a good strong stance while Faith concentrates on tugging chunks of Emma's hair and the inevitable from, in my opinion, the wrong source, Emma, not Faith, makes the big move. She hauls Faith off her feet to the mat clambering on her to obtain a straddle. She slaps flesh and tugs Faith's hair as Faith goes to work ripping hair and skin with her nails from underneath. I don't think Faith's heart is in this fight.

No doubt Emma is strong enough ( I'm downhill thinking now ) but it's always been her stamina that worries me, so, ( uphill thought )  I think Faith will still be triumphant.

In a panic Faith gets clear of most of Emma's weight and lands two hard bitter slaps to Emma's face. Wow! Is Emma going to complain? No she doesn't she lands a hard slap to Faith's already bloody face. They stand and exchange face slaps. This is unheard of for Emma, she stands her ground determined to pulverise Faith's face by slapping and she's winning this duel.

Faith breaks off from face-slapping and goes for Emma's legs but Emma resists and punches Faith high in the stomach. The wind escapes from Faith again, she goes to the floor and Emma is again on top.

Wow. Emma is showing Faith how to fight.

Oh oh. Faith is fighting dirty while trying  to get oxygen to her lungs, one hand gripping Emma's sore-looking breast and the far away hand tucked under Emma's panties. 

Somehow Emma is hurt, she leaps off Faith, hand on her crotch and indignation on her face, she punches a rising Faith in the chest wildly and her other hand grips Faith's crotch. Faith knees her in the stomach and plants her elbow hard into Emma's face. 

Emma is down. Faith dives on her and finally gets the edge pinning and punching her breast to the floor then kneeing her in the back and ribs.

This fight has escalated.

Thwarted by the bell Faith reluctantly allows Emma to get up.

Faith perked up towards the end of the round but Emma is still well ahead. Perhaps the stamina 'thing' has yet to happen and Emma is the better woman so far but surely the turnaround has happened and Faith will go to town in the last round.


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