Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Emma v Faith - Pub Fight Stories. Final Round.

Faith has it all to do, she's lost both previous rounds to Emma who, as yet, shows no signs of breaking down through tiredness.

Faith tries to look confident but right now my money is on Emma. She has given her all as they face up to each other. Yet to prove her stamina but can she? Both faces bloodied, the scratches and the slap marks obvious.

 Looks like both are truly angry when they clash as they punch and scratch each other viciously, close in they uppercut to the jaw and hook to the ribs. Blood leaks again from Emma's mouth and Faith, her face is again a mask of blood.

The blood flows freely as Faith targets Emma's substantial breasts which wobble at the contact, when Emma lands a honey of a right uppercut and Faith's head is jerked backwards.

The stand up goes on, Emma now targets Faith's breasts but she's not prepared for an elbow that crashes into her face and a knee to the gut: she's hurt and shows it.

Faith realizes Emma is hurt and cashes in, grabbing Emma by the neck.

Faith has control, wrenching her neck-hold into a hard throw, she spins Emma to the floor.

Dropping onto Emma, holding her to the floor by what little hair she has left, ( bad angle for that pic: sorry ) now I'm convinced Faith has gained control. 

The crowd think it's over, Faith is holding Emma for what seems ages. Her fists body-strike the subdued Emma occasionally to maintain a momentum. Nothing from Emma.

Faith on top, finally! Now for the submission .... hold it, Emma is rallying after her rest, her hard slaps to Faith's breasts echo in the now silent barn but I think she is all but finished.

The crowd foolishly sense a revival and roar their approval.

The crowd is not foolish, it is a rally, Emma pulls Faith's head downwards by the hair, was that a head butt? Faith rolls off Emma clutching her face as Emma gets to her feet.

Bravely, Faith rises covering her face, Emma does not hesitate, attacking the wounded Faith pulling her hair, punching and kneeing her weakest area, the stomach.

Lost, Faith doesn't know where she is, an uppercut lands on Faith's chin and she hits the deck hard.

No need for Emma to seek the submission, the referee taps the count of ten and Faith has been knocked out.

Wow! A KO for Emma, a win against Faith, now that is tremendous.

Emma pulled this off, though I didn't believe she would, yet all three rounds were hers.

Faith?: I talked to her, she's upset, wants a rematch, says she didn't feel great on the day but went ahead and underestimated Emma: big-time. 

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