Saturday, 17 September 2016

Notable Fights 4 - Kerrie v Genie

Former boss Simone brought her sister Kerrie into BFUK early on. 

Kerrie was inquisitive about what the attraction was to cat-fights; angling for info on what the fans wanted on the old forum. It got out of hand and ended up in odd territory to me, as you know there are so many variations on a theme, but the thrust completely left my zone of cat-fight ( as with two women ) comfort.

Kerrie's queries and responses were at times mischievous on the old forum but the fans fell for her hook, line and sinker to delve into the hope of seeing their particular desire, ( some fans thrive on cat-fighters comments ) which could only boost BFUK. 

So whatever BFUK discovered they tried to apply where they could, venturing into mixed gender fights for a time at Catfight Britain but mainly they kept it adrift of complication by keeping the fights structured between women with simple rules, to this day.

                                    CUTE COMPETITIVE SISTERS

After a video of her boxing on the bed with her sister Simone ( the then boss - right ), a fight was announced featuring Kerrie versus Genie. 

This caused a storm on the old forum when the fans posted in turn, an unfolding fantasy fight between them, interim to the release of the vid. The good old days and for the few who took part, some fun.

Being the sister of Simone, Kerrie, a dark-haired beauty could potentially be like her sister, a tough proposition in a cat-fight while cute newbie Genie, I felt, had her work cut out to perhaps get the better of Kerrie who is, after all, the boss's sister. What!!! Nepotism, you say - no way, this is BFUK ).

Out of all the kilts I've seen, this one, though not regulation, is the most viewable.    

The actual fight was a corker, worthy of note, the shirts to be removed as the fight progressed, plus a teensy of intentional striptease. Some decent cat-fight ingredients there, eh? It wasn't as if these additional incidentals affected the girls competitively, because they went at it, hammer and tongs.

But before the fight the girls got into arm wrestling ( not on the video; a shame for those who like the fight to start with the ' strength ' thing ).

                                               They looked happy to test each other 

Of course strength doesn't always win in a rules cat-fight and Genie has Kerrie in a good old fist in the hair, head hard to the carpet: Kerrie's face contorted, her hand, like claws, digging into Genie's skull.

Cute Genie seems to have no qualms about getting one over the boss's sister and by this picture, the blouses are coming apart.

They are determined to make a fight of it before dispensing with unnecessary clothing.

Kerrie is under no illusions, if she wants the win she's coming too much from the bottom (  underneath Genie's bottom ).

Mentioning bottoms! Kerrie may be disavowed by her sister with this blatant display but in order to save her face she must go to dire lengths to beat Genie, also narrowly covering her modesty.

Genie is soooo fine when she strips to the real fighting female accoutrements: she shows it off so well.

And Kerrie has decided to dispense entirely with modesty to strip sensually to her final fight gear. Isn't she a tartan terror?

Now it's, who fights best with their clothes off? They both look numbingly good though the skin looks numbingly reddened.

A beautiful, sensual picture illustrating the modern cat-fight: Genie and Kerrie making a li'l bit of history. Aren't women just gorgeous: the body lines so fetching.

Searching each other for the take-down, they may be unconcerned that many of us see the sexual attraction of almost naked women in a rules cat-fight.

Genie still wants to dominate proceedings though Kerrie is definitely the danger girl, as I see it.

And there it is, she has pinned the cute Genie on her back, the lessening throes of Genie's attempt to regain control losing out to the tougher but so attractive Kerrie. 

Many on the old forum, I'm sure, had taken a corner hoping to see their girl win but Kerrie was the better woman on the day, she wasn't going to disappoint her sister: the Boss.

' If you say so,' Genie says but she did try her heart out and sadly, she did not return.     

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